About Us

PraYoSa Buildmat Pvt Ltd was established in the year 1997 as a manufacturer and supplier of building blocks. We are a group of civil engineers, who run 2 state of the art block manufacturing plants with a production capacity of about 20000 blocks per day. These are fully automated American Block plants from the world leaders in block technology- Columbia Machines, U.S.A.

We manufacture blocks for all kinds of uses- panel walls in buildings, retaining walls for grade changes, retaining walls for water applications, compound walls, fences, hardscapes, patio walls and pavers.

We have always brougth new and innovative products to the Indian market. Our latest products are from the mortarless technology which has begun to take the construction industry by storm worldover.

• Terraforce Block from South Africa

Build retaining walls, planters, pathways etc

• Allan Block from USA

AB Fence Blocks can be used to build free standing precast compound walls of up to 30 feet height and can even sustain earth fills up to 6 feet. The perfect solution based on tested design, hand crafted aesthetics and phenomenal speed of construction.

The unique AB Collection or AB Fieldstone is a wall system which can give gravity retaining walls up to 8 feet of fills. All this while having an appeal of natural stone! Taller walls can be built by using geogrids or reinforcement steel. Engineering Wonder, easy to build and elegance par excellence.

The AB Courtyard Collection is a durable, versatile and a cost effective way to bring value into your landscaping. Create free standing walls or outdoor spaces that are comfortable yet elegant for entertaining. Incorporate custom gates, counter tops, pergolas, patios etc as beautiful accents for even more style.

Our units have the latest batching plant for making a Perfect Design Mix. Our plant has Innovative Curing Chambers with Foggers like steam ensuring good quality and consistent strength.

In order to maintain quality standards, we also have our very own setup to regularly test the blocks and to keep a check on input raw materials used.

We at PraYoSa not only assure you about the quality of the blocks but also give proper engineering feedback for its use. In fact we give inputs on the use of our concrete blocks based on Indian Standards and Indian Conditions.