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Advantages of PraYoSa's Concrete Block Masonry

Rugged strength and minimum drying Shrinkage: PraYoSa's concrete Blocks are made in a fully automated Imported high tech plant by a process which involves: Compaction by high pressure and vibration. A special process at atmospheric pressure cures the blocks. Because of low water cement ratio, perfect grading and special curing process the shrinkage minimum.

Drastic saving in construction cost: Load bearing Reinforced block masonry is nearly 20% cheaper than conventional R.C.C. franked works & has been employed up to 7 storied buildings in Mumbai. PraYoSa is prepared with a total engineering know how to execute and has other back up consultants for designs for higher building.

Cost wise economical than conventional brick work: Block masonry is economical than brick masonry. More over 140 mm thick block masonry equivalent to 230 mm thick brick work and one can use 140 mm thick masonry instead of 230 mm thick brick masonry in framed structures as stipulated in many Building Bye-Laws in Indian Metros, including Mumbai and Thane.

Lighter Foundation: As a m2 of 140 mm thick block work @ a density of 1400/m weighs 196 Kg/m2 while a 230 mm thick brickwork @ a density of 1920 Kg/m3 weighs 441 kg/m2 i.e the dead weight is reduced by 56%.This dose an overall cost saving of Rs.12% to 15% in concrete & steel in multisloried buildings.

Saving in Shuttering: Shuttering in RCC walls and parapet can be totally avoided by going for PraYoSa's reinforced block partition masonry with cross stiffening by bond-beams. One sq.ft. of 75mm RCC pardi has a concrete of Rs.8/- while2 sq.ft of shultering which costs Rs.10 is totally saved.

Saving in plaster: One can avoid plaster for internal walls or minimize the thickness, as masonry's surface with PraYoSa's Blocks is perfectly plumb. Plaster cost nearly 35% of the wall cost.

Excellent Architectural appeal yet the cheapest material for interiors: Block masonry with different patterns is the cheapest interiors material for partitions substituting wooden paneling.

Saving In Energy: Because of the insulating properties one can save unto 15 % in Air Conditioning, Cooling & heating costs.

Saving in morlar: Cement consumed in blocks masonry is nearly 4 to 6 times lesser than in bricks masonry.

Lower Maintenance Cost: Being made of superior & inherently durable material PraYoSa's block masonry requires lesser maintenance cost compared to brick masonry.

Speed: Construction speed of PraYoSa's block masonry is twice as compared with brick masonry. There are special grip handles in the heavier blocks for lifting.

Excellent thermal & acoustic properties: PraYoSa's blocks on account of the hollow acts as insulant and keeps building warm in winter and cool in summer. Moverover concrete blocks absorbs more of the sound waves hence is a better acoustic material than the brick.

Concealed fitting:Without any sort of chasing or pre-planning canceled wiring and plumbing is easily possible with PraYoSa's block masonry. Contact us for further details.

Increase in carpet Area:About 10% increase in carpet area is achieved by using 140mm thick block work instead of 230mm thick brick wall. Most of the bylaws insist on a minimum of 230mm brick wall on external or a 150mm thick block wall of grade B(5.0) as per Is 2185.

Convenient sizes: PraYoSa's blocks are available in many convenient sizes and shapes. On account of excellent strength and wide range there is practically no wastage at site.

Good resistance to fire: Along with good load carrying capacity. PraYoSa's blocks provide maximum fire resistance. However steet needs protection from fire, concrete masonry offers this protection to a great extent.

Confirms to Indian standard:PraYoSa's blocks Confirm to IS 2185 (part-I&II) and pavers confirming to ASTM standards are available on demand...